We often get a lot of questions from potential clients and also current clients about SIP Panels and why they are being used. We thought it would be a great idea to compile all of the questions we receive and provide you with answers to all of the questions that you may have before continuing with your SIP Panel Extension

How long do SIP Panels last?


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SIP Panels are built to last for an estimated 60 Years – Usually, SIP Panels far exceed this estimation and because of the amount of money they save it is a financially sound and structurally sound investment. If you were to replace your extensions in 60 years it would still work out cheaper than other building methods




What are SIP Panels?


SIP Panels stands for Structural Insulated Panels – These are commonly used for extensions as they are extremely high-performance building systems. The panels consist of an Exterior Sheathing, Interior Sheathing and a foam core. These are cost-effective and allow for a quick installation time. Resulting in luxury and long-lasting home extensions.


How much do sip panels cost?


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A study conducted in 2012 outlined that a standard 906 square foot home extension made with SIPs would cost around £17,000 and take 2 weeks to finish whereas a brick built extension would cost around £45,000 and take around 3 months to complete. SIPs are a more cost-effective solution with quick installation times.


How are SIP Panels installed?


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SIP Panels must be handled with care and is a very flexible building solution – Externally, SIPs can be used with any external cladding in the form of brick, render or metal cladding and can also be roofed with slates or tiles. Internally, SIPS can easily be finished with plasterboard and a skim coating if needed.


What are SIP roof panels?


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SIP Roof Panels are the exact same as traditional Structurally Insulated Panels but are made uniquely for roofs and allow for a unique and complete fit with SIP Panel walls. These Roof Panels can be finished off with a layer of decorative slate or roof tiles depending on the style of your home.


How do SIP Panels work?


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SIP Panels work by having an interior and external skin with an internal layer for insulation, this allows for an exceptional U-Value produced which can be as low as 0.15. Because of this structure SIPs are extremely flexible and can be made into a variety of extension shapes and sizes with a quick installation time guaranteed.


Are SIP Panels good for extensions?


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SIP Panels are great for extensions as they provide flexibility and rigidity – SIPs allow for some great designs to be made and a variety of extension styles can be created. In terms of thermal efficiency, SIPs offer some of the best thermal properties that can be found with extensions. SIPs also drastically reduce the installation time of extensions.



Why are SIP Panels Quicker to Install?


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Because SIP Panels are prefabricated off-site, installation times are able to be drastically reduced. For your average 906 Square Foot extension, the installation time using brick would be around 3 months whereas using SIPs means that the installation time is down to around 2 weeks and provides the same thermal efficiency.


How efficient are SIP Panels?


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SIP Panels are as efficient as any other building method – SIPs are able to receive a U Value that is as low as 0.15. Because of this value, the energy efficiency rating is extremely good within home extensions using SIPs – SIPs are a great cost effective and energy efficient building system suitable for a variety of home improvement projects.


If you have any other questions regarding SIP Panels that you would like to know the answer to then please get in touch with a member of the Climate Roofs team today and we will be happy to help answer any questions that you may have!